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China Mac Podcast With Jadakiss At Red Money Studios


Hip Hop’s Road To Riches… Culturally Programming The Sounds Of Legends In The Making….

Hip Hop’s Road To Riches follows the next generation of hip hop musicians, models and disc jockey as they attempt to step outside the shadow of their normal and learn the business with a technology mogul mentoring them to new levels and heights in their career. The industries top media mogul legend Mr Ruben J […]

Queens Versatility Comes To Life As Musician Lights Up Multi Venues Across The Tri-State Area…

In modern times uniqueness and multi aspects of being marketable is what gets a musician signed! But some circumstances in a culture of true Hip Hop and sound of unity comes a star that is born for the spotlight. In the mist of looking for talent that has good characteristics and personality in their content […]

The Life Collection of Mr. Ruben J Burgos – A Poetic Masterpiece!

As she whispers in my ear to follow I can only wonder where this road leads. This beauty was heaven sent and hell written with a sinister gift in all the right places. As we headed to a place unknown to me she just continued to walk with a structured curve that had me in […]

105.1 F.M. Interviews Mr. Dope Chef about Hillside Auto Mall Dealership’s Community Work…

Entrepreneur, Architect & Web Development Coding Specialist Mr. Ruben “Dope Chef” Burgos invited to the Em Ez show on Power 105.1 F.M. to talk about all of the philanthropy community tide events and incentives Hillside Auto Mall has to better the car buying experience for consumers to be guided and not sold when it comes […]