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How to approach a venue for a gig.

If you’re intimidated by the idea of booking a show in your city, don’t be. Ruben Burgos of Urban Media Global, who books at some of New York City’s best-known venues, concurs, “The worst thing you’ll hear is simply no.” I, myself, run close to sixty four venues in New York City for booking artist, booking […]

How to Find a Booking Agency for Independent Artists

For any independent hip hop artist, one of the main challenges you will likely find is booking gigs. It takes a certain kind of personality and a level of comfort with other kinds of marketing to make sure that you can work with a venue to get booked. Often, it’s more pertinent to just hire […]

How to Book Gigs on Your Own as an Indie Musician.

Gigs – before a booking agent will work with you every musician has to start out booking their own gigs and concerts. But, as you’ve probably realized, this is a lot easier said than done. Especially since there are SO many musicians and bands competing for very limited performance spots. It can feel like a hopeless game […]